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what do YOU want
from your HVAC plant?

Temperature control, Humidity control, Indoor Air Quality, Energy saving, Opex cost saving, all are important demands on your HVAC system.

However, depending on whether you manage a hotel or a hospital, a shopping mall or a manufacturing plant, your priorities may be different.

Let’s see if we understand your needs, and have a solution for you.


a WARM welcome?


I need to guarantee comfortable and clean air in my classrooms to my students


Unscheduled HVAC breakdowns are a process plant manager’s nightmare


Variable footfall from Monday morning to Friday evening – can I save energy?

Residential Towers

Families, children, a peaceful night’s sleep, a dinner party… is the AC on?

Facility Management

Can I delegate my HVAC worries?

Real Estate

I would rather focus on the rental yield, and don’t need the HVAC distraction


Continuous, cool, clean air is critical to running an effective and efficient hospital

Commercial Towers

I don’t really need cooling at nights and on the weekend… save energy?

Comfort cooling

This pertains to maintaining comfortable temperature and humidity levels, and requisite fresh air in the conditioned premises. The most important aspect of this requirement is that the chiller plant should have minimal unscheduled downtime, especially during the high ambient climatic conditions at least 8 months in a year

Energy saving

HVAC systems are typically responsible for upto 70% a building’s energy bill. With operational budgets under pressure, more so now than at other times, a guaranteed energy saving solution, including free maintenance of HVAC equipment, is a big load off facility managers’ budgets.

Asset management

Your car dashboard provides you with all the information about its condition. Wouldn’t it be useful to have similar information on the condition and performance of your chiller plants? With expert analytics? And fault prediction? In real time? On the go? Including assets in distant locations? Sure.