AIRSURE HVAC Annual Maintenance Contracts

Prevention (Maintenance) is better than Cure (Repair)

Our Contracts Include:

    Nine (9) scheduled service calls:
  • Three service calls {(1) major and (2) minor maintenance}– exhaustive checklists, data readings, control configuration, tune-ups, top-ups, etc.
  • Six service calls for condenser coil cleaning + basic maintenance checks
    Predictive tests for:
  • Oil analysis (centrifugal machines)
  • Chemical analysis of chilled water and water treatment (as applicable)
  • Vibration testing and analysis
  • Thermography
24 / 7 emergency breakdown service.
    Customer Care:
  • Service engineer committed to your site
  • Contact our senior management for escalating issues
  • Unique Customer ID for priority access on breakdown calls
  • Quick response time
  • Reminder and reconfirmation call for upcoming scheduled service
  • Periodic reports of maintenance / repair work done for each equipment, including Checklists, Data readings, Photographs and Expert Remarks