AIRNERGYThe Practical Solution for Immediate Energy Savings on HVAC Systems

Reduce high energy bills of your HVAC system? You can!

Over 25 live sites in Dubai and Sharjah enjoying energy savings for over 2 years !!


AirNERGY is a holistic approach to model existing HVAC system for heat load profile using building envelope, ambient conditions, and occupancy statistics. This solution uses advanced modeling tools and Green Leaf’s proprietary modeling library developed in Matlab for system simulation and optimization


  • Short investment payback (~24-30 months)
  • Savings on CO2 emission through energy savings
  • Warranty of 24 months
  • Short project implementation cycle with negligible disruption of site cooling
  • No impact on manufacturer’s warranty for chillers and other equipment
  • No compromise on comfort levels and cooling availability

AirNERGY solution is structured as a four-part process:

  • Demand Side Management (DSM)
  • Equipment operational efficiency
  • System balancing and optimization
  • Energy Saving Solutions (ESS)