AIRFIXHVAC Repair & Emergency Services

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The key to our efficient repair services is our First Time Right

Emergency Breakdown Services (EBS) Repair Contract

Some customers may have an in-house HVAC maintenance teams, but recognize the need of additional technical expertise to periodically ensure the continued good “health” of their HVAC equipment and systems. For such customers, we offer our Emergency Breakdown Services (EBS) repair contract, during which:

  • Fixed labour rate per hour;
  • Fixed markup on actual parts cost

These fixed rates / markups apply to any breakdown repairs, system / equipment audits, equipment modernization or replacement during this contract. The EBS Contract is offered only for chillers, at a nominal sum per machine per year.

Discounts on Maintenance Contracts

On completion of any repair job, Green Leaf offers the customer an option to sign-up for our Maintenance Contract with a one-time discount of 25% of the repair job value. (This offer is valid only within 15 days of completion of repair work.)